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  1. Darla – Love hearing songs from when I was a teen! Brings back lots of good/fun memories 🙂

    Kay – Love this Show. ..so thankful and blessed to hear songs from my past that was the start to my Christian life…what a blessing♡♡♡

    Mike – I am enjoying your show on crossover artists. It was cool to hear Donna Summer’s song (we grew up listening to her BC (before Christ) music) Also enjoyed the story about the man who got saved and his wife was praying from hundreds of miles away. Keep pumping out the old classics.

    Phil – This is the best oldies Christian music anywhere.

  2. Good evening. This is Mike in Wells Maine. I’ve written to you folks before. I listen on WSEW 88.7 FM. I was surprised to hear you play a song by a man I thought was just a local New Hampshire artist. I had never heard of Bob Ayela until someone gave me a cassette of his music in 2002, and last year I saw him in concert at a small church in NH. He had been retired for I think 10 years and was just starting to play out again.

    THEN, right after that surprise, you played a song that I learned at a baptist music camp way back in 1983, The Building Block. I had never heard the recorded version of that song and it was fun hearing it again after all these years. Keep cranking out the great tunes!


  3. Loved the 80’s countdown today. Knew all the songs and sang along. Think this was one of the best era’s for great songs that said a lot! When Larnell and Sandi sing I get “goosebumps”. Nothing better

    I listen to the Christian radio out of Williamsport, MD Thanks so much!

  4. I must say I have listened to Streets of Gold for quite a while through several online radio stations. Today I was able to catch you on Righteous Rock Radio! Your rock program – Stryper, Whiteheart, Bride, Rick Cua, Idle Cure etc. was playing! Loved it! Would love to hear more like this!


  5. I have been listening to Streets of Gold since ClassicChristian247.com started airing the program a few weeks ago. So far it’s been great between the theme shows (like People’s & Bible names last week) to the countdowns (like the Top 30 Radio Rock Hits of 1988 on right now). I missed #30 due to an internet issue; could you tell me what it was? Thanks, keep up the awesome music, & God bless the SoG crew (Larry Wayne & ALL)!

    Andrew J. Persac
    Plantation/Pompano Beach, FL

  6. I often have to miss your program due to work. how do I find the weekly programs and listen online?

    1. Hi Julie:

      You can go to our affiliates page and listen to this weekend’s program on that station’s stream. Righteous Rock Radio airs the program on Thursday mornings. Thanks,

      Producer Jack

  7. Thoroughly enjoy listening each week. Brings back many memories of my listening journey in Christian music.

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